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Business Communication Skills

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Of all the essential skills required in business today, there is one that
overwhelmingly makes the difference between an effective employee and
ineffective. That is the skill of BUSINESS COMMUNICATION.
How an employee gets across their ideas, works collaboratively with others,
discusses and solves problems, influences and achieves great performance is
fundamentally dependent on how well that employee communicates.
When the employee writes, does the reader comprehend? When the employee
speaks, is the listener motivated to act?
On a strong foundation of effective business communication skills, employees
can learn to build relationships, work with others to achieve their goals and sell
their ideas. “Business Communication Skills” will be delivered as a highly interactive five day
training programme that focuses on
business games, activities, discussions,
presentations, group challenges and role
plays to ensure participants are highly
engaged in their learning and achieve
the best results.

Pre and post course assessment will
measure how much individuals learn
and a detailed application of learning
plan will support participants in taking
learning back to the workplace.

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Date & Location

Sunday 02 Dec, 2018 | instOG, Innovation Park Muscat

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per individual