About InstOG

‘Enhancing performance of professionals in the Energy industry’
instOG provides a leading edge learning ecosystem for capability building and performance development of professionals in the Energy industry. We offer a unique Accelerated Development Program, a number of intense short courses, and supplementary competency development modules across disciplines that professionals need to meet for the challenges of tomorrow. The programs combine active in-field experience of professionals with classroom and hands-on simulated training exercises. Our purpose-built infrastructure has best-in-class training systems, aids, VR-based simulated learning tools and the best trainers to engage with, learn from and be inspired. instOG is a first of its kind institute in the region established as a partnership with Takatuf Oman and Schlumberger Oman.

Our Values
Accelerating growth | Empowering careers

Accelerating growth | Empowering careers

InstOG believes in creating an environment that is conducive to accelerating growth, for the individual and for the energy industry. By providing best in class training methodologies delivered by experts in the field, instOG programs are designed to add value at every stage. Be it through in-depth in-field expertise delivered by professionals in the classroom sessions or through VR-based simulated learning tools, the underlying principle is to accelerate growth in every way to empower careers.
Empowering careers, empowers the energy industry with competent and ably qualified professionals who are ready to meet challenges and opportunities, ready to take the next step with confidence.

In County Value (ICV)

As a premier state-of-the-art institute, the key focus at instOG is to develop and enable self-sufficient, high calibre engineers and geoscientists who can successfully sustain and further develop Oman’s Oil & Gas resources.
By empowering individuals through the right training, resources and expert guidance, instOG believes in building the community that in turn creates value for the nation and its people.